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Meet the Team

Unique experiences and backgrounds

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Brittany Gregory

Brittany has had a passion for dance ever since her first dance lesson at the age of 3 years old. She has trained in several different styles of dance, including hip hop, jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary, modern, ballroom and ballet.  She grew up as a competition dancer and won several scholarships and awards, including runner up for outstanding dancer at a National Competition in New York. She has trained with some of the top choreographers that you all know from “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars."  Her training led her to pursue her career in performing professionally with companies including; Disneyland,  Princess Cruise Lines,  Radio Disney, All Wheel Sports at Knott’s Berry Farm, and several other groups and events including the Michael Jackson Experience in Texas. Brittany has also toured as an instructor and judge for Sheer Talent Dance convention. She has been teaching dance and choreographing for shows for several years, and loves sharing her experience and knowledge of her passion to dancers of all ages. 

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Kelly Johnston

Kelly Johnston is no stranger to the dance community. She has been dancing, choreographing, and teaching over the past 27 years. She has trained extensively in all styles of dance and has worked with and taken class with some of the nations master leading choreographers. During the year of 2011 she graduated from Colorado Mesa University with her finance degree, but also achieved a minor in dance where she received the Danceras Heart Award for her student showcase choreography. Her goal in life is to light the fire and passion in others and dance is a vehicle to do that.

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Meagan Wagner

Meagan started dance at 3 years old in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is trained in various types of dance including ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern, and pom. She has traveled to states like New York and California to compete amongst the worlds greatest dancers and train with choreographers like Travis Wall and Sonya Tayeh. Meagan was apart of the Colorado State Golden Poms for 4 years and worked closely with many current and past  Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. She attended "ProAction Dance" for three years  in Las Vegas, Nevada where she has learned and danced  alongside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders, Celtics Dancers, and many more professional and collegiate teams. Meagan has a love and passion for dance that has not faded throughout the years. She is eager to continue learning and growing as a dancer and teacher. 

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Brittany Riley

Brittany is first a remarkable mother to three beautiful children. She was born a passionate and strong woman who expressed her love through movement and dance beginning at a very young age. Brittany has fueled her talents for dance through teaching, coaching, learning, being on a dance team, and simply just through dancing itself as a whole. Brittany Riley, has spent 14 years on a stage performing, reforming and strengthening her skills daily. She studied jazz and ballet at University and let the learning portion of this art and sport become an integral part of her abilities. Brittany has taught dance, creative arts, jazz, ballet and creative movement at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy and Destination Dance for years and has found joy in helping others find their inner connection with movement and artistic creative expression.

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Serena Smith

Serena started dance at the age of 3 and continued to dance until she was 14. Serena learned jazz, tap, some ballet, but fell in love with hip hop. She also started cheer at the age of 5 and was a part of 2 competitive cheer teams (Mr. Pac Cheer and DanceTech Allstars) until she reached highschool. Serena then became the only freshman on the varsity cheer team at WRHS. Later, she became co-caption my junior year and captain my senior year where we placed in the top 10 in the state. Serena did 1 year of collegiate cheer at Adams State University. She have competed in dozens of competitions and even several National competitions out of state. After her freshman year of college, she decided to start dancing again. Serena has participated in clinics for the Wild Bunch dance team for the Colorado Mammoth lacrosse team.

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